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  Dywarlord: Yo my bad about being MIA guys really busy at work and I am moving in to a new place this week so I have been busy get shit together. But hopefully be back on thisweekend or so. Happy Labor Day weekend guys
  Trawls: did anyone else get an email about a request to change their password
  Khodea: The CYT guys decided on Gates of Madness
  Deklyn: pretty sure we're not using a site, since yosprey is MIA
  Audiojack: So are people here or at the gw2 one? Just wondering what everyone's doing
  Symmetric: Tera group and friends will be on Aspenwood.
  Khodea: Tonight I think Check Your Tears is discussing servers, will let you know what they favor
  Trawls: Two WEEKS!!!!!
  Symmetric: Made a steam group called "Melon Basket" to discuss GW2 servers, feel free to join it.
  ArmedandHammrd: won't get to test for awhile as I am heading to NJ till Friday for work
  ArmedandHammrd: picked up a Razer Naga to see if I can use it, not going to help with having to type
  ArmedandHammrd: The Docs are not sure, may have been a pinpoint stroke
  Khodea: Symmetric, I was playing on Yak's Bend for most of it, saw Zeph on at Anvil Rock. How many others were there?
  Khodea: Armed, stroked out or just some carple acting up? I've gotten some numbness from marathon sessions, get out there and throw some ball with the son!
  ArmedandHammrd: (hence my absence from Tera) so I have not been able to play any games that require actual typing, never really sure I am hitting the keys, it does seem to be getting better though so I hope to be playing again soon.
  ArmedandHammrd: Unfortunately I lost all sensation in my left hand/arm about a month ago
  Symmetric: Rather low turn out in PB land for a GW2 Beta. Where's the basket krew at?
  Khodea: CYT guys are playing on Yaks Bend
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