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Patch 1.2 Testing

Yosprey / Mar 01, 2012
Bioware announced that they have a manual character copy and want guilds to sign up for testing on the 1.2 server. I need a list of characters that are interested in testing. Full Info Here. Basically, leave a comment here and patch your PTS client.

I intend on playing this game at least through March, and if 1.2 is the "Jesus Patch" then I can see myself remaining for some time so the guild is not dying.


Don't think a single flash point is going to change anything.
its an op too, but if its anything like the last 2, its gonna be way too little way too late
But how much testing time is there going to be, really?
They promised us 1.2 in February, now it's March and they are just looking for people to help test the content? 1.2 content is either going to be an untested buggy mess as they rush it out for this month before subs end; delayed until April or later; or half-assed gated shit like KP was to start while they make the rest of the instance work.
Too little too late to save anyone.

Not to mention 1.2 is a massive amount of ambitious promises that Bioware can't possibly live up to. PvP overhaul, crafting overhaul, mod system overhaul, new FP, new WZ, new Op, whole new planet with quests and storyline possibly.
Despite the tone here I'm pretty sure we would stick around for it if it was a game changer.
But they haven't done a whole lot to make anyone believe it will be at this point.
Aye, if they managed to pull a miracle out of the refuse I'd stick around for another month, but so far the outlook is bleak.
eh sure wth not doing much on belgoth anyways
Whatever though: chronokefka,
@Zephyria I never saw a launch date for 1.2 other than March. And they're opening it up because they realize that ALL of these end-game guilds are pissed off and cancelling subs. And if we clear it and tell them it's too f*cking easy then MAYBE they'll make shit hard without just throwing enrage timers at us.

@Symmetric Bioware has said A LOT is going to be in this patch. My opinion is that 1.2 should've been the release.

It's really bizarre that the problems with the game are that there is essentially no grind but there are buggy bosses and everything can be cleared in 3 hours. If content took 6 hours to clear, we'd raid 6 hours a week. If there was a required grind before you could start raiding hard modes, then we would've done that. But there wasn't anything like that so the current content is a joke.

I want all MMOs to succeed because it's a fun genre. While SWTOR will certainly not fail, it is unlikely to recover to 1million+ subs if 1.2 is a flop.
Trawls I will drop all swtor playing for Tera next weekend.