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The Future of Picnic Basket

Yosprey / Apr 06, 2012
I know I haven't been around much during March, it's been a wild and crazy time for me. I also know that pretty much everyone dropped their SWTOR subscription--if you haven't, let me know because mine is still active. I'm really excited about all the changes in 1.2 but there is no point playing by yourself in an MMO. I would like to re-launch the guild shortly after 1.2's launch or when server transfers/mergers happen.

A number of people have pre-ordered Tera. I won't be playing it because I don't think I'll have the time for it.

Another game coming down the pipe with a lot of excitement is Guild Wars 2, which I think almost everyone is going to purchase, including myself.

I've created some polls in the forums so people can say what their gaming plans are:

Tera Poll
Diablo 3 Poll
Guild Wars 2 Poll
Other Games


Bibidi babbity boo tis bout time some1 updated thus page
Myself, Fuzz, and nefhaya still play swtor. Though we had to move to a did guild whose actually active.
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