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Guild Mumble

Yosprey / Jun 22, 2012
Yeah, I'm still alive. Getting ready for my big move and wedding.

I know a lot of people are still using the guild mumble for TERA and various betas. Gaming is pretty low on my priority list these days so I haven't been on. I'd like to keep the server running in hopes that I will have the time to game again in the future but I don't want to pay for server upkeep.

The server doesn't cost very much each month. If you're willing to chip in a bit, please send me a message on here.



Haha once again wife trumps gaming :P (Have a good wedding remember to have a open bar as no good stories ever started with "After my salad ...")
It's got very little to do with her. My gaming time is now spent on my new company, app development, and general busy-bodiness.
Yosprey. How much would it cost to make an game app? Just a general estimate if you can.
I understand about not having much game time, my life has become very very busy as well, but I would be willing to chip in to keep the mumble server up.
If we switch servers it would be about $6 a month. Don't really have a need for the shivtr stuff anymore so making the switch wouldn't be too rough just setting up permissions. Staying on Shivtr costs more, like $14/mo
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