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Yosprey / Jan 16, 2012
New Members

Please welcome our newest recruits, Keplar (Guardian) and Jagero (Commando)! We're working on rounding out our numbers and class balance so that we can start doing 16-mans soon.

Recruitment Officer

Big thanks goes out to Deklyn for stepping up as recruitment officer. Another important step on our progression path. There is still an open officer position for Site Moderator and potentially another Raid Leader and/or PvP Coordinator. If you're interested, please talk to Yosprey.

Event Sign-ups

Don't forget to sign up for our weekly events. The sign-up period expires 15 minutes prior to raid start, which is when invites go out. Priority will be given to those that sign up over those that don't and those that don't sign up for Hard mode/Nightmare raids will NOT be eligible for any DKP that night unless they are pulled into the raid.


I will be posting a link to the official DKP values for everything before Thursday's raid. I'll let everyone know when it's available.
Yosprey / Jan 10, 2012
Things are heating up as we attempted our first raid tonight. We successfully completed normal-mode Hutt Hospitality and the first four bosses of normal-mode Eternity Vault. We got the last boss of EV down to 22% on our best attempt but ended up calling it.

Scheduling conflicts may interfere with our raiding this week. I'd like to work out some times that work for everyone. On farm and with only 1 boss in HH currently, we should be clearing normal in well under 3 hours. If you will have reoccurring scheduling conflicts on specific nights of the week, please let me know in a comment so we can revise our raid schedule going forward. This goes double for players in critical roles of Healing or Tanking.

I am working on recruiting and rounding out our numbers for future raiding.
Yosprey / Dec 29, 2011
Hope everyone had a merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate and hope everyone is going out and drinking for new years because that's what you're supposed to be doing. I will be on top of a mountain, drinking bourbon with some friends and my fiance.

Congrats to all of those that are already 50, I hope to be joining the club next week and I'm hoping we'll be attempting our first Eternity Vault sometime in January.
Yosprey / Dec 19, 2011
I know everyone has been enjoying early access and here's hoping everything stays sane over the next couple weeks because apparently over 1.5 million people participated in early game access!

I ask that everyone try to at least update your character's on the website with name, spec, and profession. Also update your level when you hit 50 :)

Trawls was named Treasurer and has created a bank alt to hold us off until guild banks are implemented. Please feel free to send donations of crafting materials and consumables to _____ (I will fill this in once I have the character's name). Transaction log will be posted in the Bank in the navigation above for the time being so you can have an idea of what's available.

There are still two remaining officer positions: Recruitment Officer and Site Moderator. Please let me or any of the other officers know if you have an interest in one of these positions.

Now go back out there and enjoy the game :)
Yosprey / Dec 12, 2011
Guild Charter Announcement

We now have a Guild Charter, which is essentially a list of rules and regulations for how the guild will work. All current members are required to read the guild charter and post in this forum thread that you agree to it.

In addition, a Loot Rules page has been added. It contains some information about the loot system we are using.

In the event either document is updated, an update will be posted highlighting the changes and asking members to agree to it.

All applicants will be asked to read and agree to them prior to submitting the application in the application form once it's updated.

Server Assignment

Picnic Basket is being deployed to the Belgoth's Beacon server. It is a US East PvP server. Early access starts tomorrow at 7am EST so let's have some fun :)
Yosprey / Dec 08, 2011
Everyone welcome the first officers, Bustecap, Zephyria, and Ak. Officer positions are still open so let us know if you're interested.

Early access emails start going out on December 13th at 7am EST. You will get your email on the day of your access and no sooner, so please check! No details on our server assignment yet but there will be an indicator in the server chooser to show which server Picnic Basket is on.

It is unconfirmed if online retailers will be able to ship physical copies out before the 20th. This is worth noting because your access will be cut off at midnight if you haven't entered your retail code. Hopefully this gets sorted out so those of us that ordered from Amazon and other retailers don't have to twiddle our thumbs for a day or more waiting.