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Guild Charter

Picnic Basket Guild Charter


Picnic Basket was established to provide a fun and mature gaming environment with a focus on end-game PvE raiding and organized PvP.

The Guild recognizes that Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game, and that our members will have real life priorities that must take precedent. Furthermore, the guild was created specifically for this player-demographic and will therefore remain committed to being sympathetic to real life commitments and the effect upon our member’s gameplay. This will be reflected in both the Raid rules and Loot system.


The Guild Leadership utilizes a Council framework headed by the Guild Leader. The Guild Leader is equal to all other officers in all but name, but carries the deciding vote in disputes and voting.


Each officer will be appointed for a period of 3 months. At the end of a period, they will be subject to peer review by the other officers, and have the option of continuing their current role, changing to another role, or stepping down as officer, either temporarily or permanently. This will prevent officer burnout and promote fresh ideas in the leadership of the guild.

All amendments to the Guild Charter or major policy decisions will be subject to a vote by all members of the council and carried by an overall majority.

Officer Roles

The Officers Council divide the workload into a number of roles. The total number of officers is not fixed, but determined by the number of people required to cover these. Each officer will take on one primary role from this list. The roles are:

  1. Guild Leader (A little of everything)
  2. Treasurer (Responsible for handling bank requests and investing unused items for funding the guild)
  3. Site Moderator (Responsible for keeping the forums tidy, posting guild news, and making sure the site contains current information)
  4. Recruitment Officer (Responsible for driving the recruitment effort to ensure the guild needs are covered)
  5. PvP Coordinator (Responsible for scheduling and organizing premades for warzones as well as world PvP events)
  6. Raid Leader (Responsible for determining raid groups, leading raids on raidnights and handling loot)


The Guild will not impose any upper limit on number of members.

Strict class limits will not be imposed, rather the Guild Council will seek to establish a balance as the guild grows in population and age. The council will continually update their recruitment efforts to target the current needs of the guild. This may call for temporary limits or stops in the recruitment of certain classes.


All new Applications to the guild will need to be made formally using the Guild Application form on the Picnic Basket guild website.

Applications will be open to all the existing membership for comment and feedback for 48 hours. Applications will be accepted which meet the membership criteria; any negative feedback received from a member in relation to previous playing experience must be investigated by an officer before an invitation is made. The Recruitment Officer has overall responsibility for ensuring the process has been followed correctly.

All new members will be given the rank of Recruit and will be subject to a trial period of two weeks. Following this period the Guild Officers will vote and will either be awarded full membership or asked to leave the Guild. On rare occasions, trials may be extended for another two-week period.

If an applicant knows a member of the guild, that person may vouch for them and the applicant may bypass the trial period. If issues come up with someone you have vouched for, both the voucher and vouchee may suffer disciplinary actions. Only vouch for people you know well, preferably people you have played with extensively and/or know in real life.

All applicants must be 21 years of age or older or demonstrate a maturity level greater than Bustecap’s friends.

General Rules

Picnic Basket is an adult-only guild, as such specific rules regarding language or content discussed will not be imposed. However, any behavior considered offensive or harassment will be subject of investigation by the guild council. It should be recognised that there is a boundary of good behaviour which can simply be expressed as ‘would the behaviour be tolerated in real life’. Members can raise concerns regarding any such issues with a member of the council in confidence.

Picnic Basket is an end-game PvE and PvP focused guild. Guild chat should not be used for spamming of any kind. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for help and veterans are encouraged to help others, but begging for help is frowned upon.

Picnic Basket would like to build up a reputation of decency in order to assist our server’s progress and for the benefit of all its members. It therefore expects all members to maintain a good image of the guild. Ninja looting in PUGs, ‘flaming’ in any public channels and begging are all forms of anti-social behaviour and will result in disciplinary action if proven.

All members are required to sign-up on the Picnic Basket website. Members are expected to check the site weekly for guild news and events. Members that do not check the website often will be at a disadvantage when it comes to participating in guild events.

If a member plans an absence of two weeks or more, a post should be made on the forums in notification. Failure to do so may lead to the member being removed from the guild for inactivity.

Members may have alt characters invited to the guild, within reason. Members are expected to use good judgement in relation to their alts. If a character is not active it should not be in the guild. If an alt has not been logged for two weeks, it is subject to removal.

Members may be asked to remove a character from the guild if it is not being played actively.

Bank characters will not be accepted as guild alts, with the exception of characters which are used to administrate the guild bank.

Party & Instance Guidelines

When participating in a guild group, Need before Greed, Free For All, and Master Looter are all acceptable loot options.

Raid Guidelines

Raids are planned to begin at 8:00PM EST, initially planned to last for a maximum of 4 hours. However, the exact makeup of the raid times may by rearranged to accommodate all members (ie earlier or later start times) should the requirement arise.

The Loot distribution system is detailed in the Loot Rules document.

All members of a raid are expected to be at the Republic Fleet at the designated start time, fully repaired and with all necessary consumables for their role.

All members are required to have Mumble installed and ready to use. If you plan on actively raiding, a quality microphone is required.

In the event that a raid is over-subscribed, the participating members will be decided by the Raid Leader. This will be decided upon considerations of class balance, suitable gear, performance, and whether a character is a member’s main or alt for the scheduled content. However, given the Mission Statement of the guild, consideration will also be given to availability for other scheduled raids in that week; in order to allow all members to participate at least once per week.

PvP Guidelines

Organized PvP groups may require the use of a microphone to encourage quick calls.

Mumble Guidelines

Do not spam a chat channel with music, yelling, text-to-speech use, or anything else that could be considered annoying.

Use of push-to-talk is encouraged for most people, except for PvP purposes. If you’re asked to enable push-to-talk or adjust your microphone level, please do so.

Any user authenticated to the server has the ability to create temporary channels. Use this if you’re running a flashpoint, questing, or doing PvP with guild mates to reduce chatter.

If people say you sound excessively robotic on Mumble, try these tips: turn off peer-to-peer downloading applications, ensure your upload bandwidth isn’t being hogged by someone or something else, and use a quality microphone.

Disciplinary Procedure

A verbal warning will be issued for minor indiscretions.

Persistent indiscretions may result in a final warning or in extreme cases you will be removed from the guild.

It is anticipated that through competent recruitment, seeking out and requesting a mature membership, and actively encouraging a friendly atmosphere that disciplinary action will only be needed in exceptional circumstances.

Acceptance of the Guild Charter

All guild members and recruits must agree to this Guild Charter in order to be a member of Picnic Basket.

From time to time, the Guild Charter may be amended or updated to accommodate changes to the guild or game. As stated previously, all changes to this charter are agreed upon by the Guild Council. When a new charter is published, a news post will be added to the guild website and members may be required to acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to the changes.