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(Sep 12, 2012)
(Aug 31, 2012)
Yo my bad about being MIA guys really busy at work and I am moving in to a new place this week so I have been busy get shit together. But hopefully be back on thisweekend or so. Happy Labor Day weekend guys
(Aug 30, 2012)
did anyone else get an email about a request to change their password
(Aug 22, 2012)
The CYT guys decided on Gates of Madness
(Aug 15, 2012)
pretty sure we're not using a site, since yosprey is MIA
(Aug 13, 2012)
So are people here or at the gw2 one? Just wondering what everyone's doing
(Aug 12, 2012)
Tera group and friends will be on Aspenwood.
(Aug 11, 2012)
Tonight I think Check Your Tears is discussing servers, will let you know what they favor
(Aug 09, 2012)
Two WEEKS!!!!!
(Jul 26, 2012)
Made a steam group called "Melon Basket" to discuss GW2 servers, feel free to join it.
(Jul 24, 2012)
won't get to test for awhile as I am heading to NJ till Friday for work
(Jul 24, 2012)
picked up a Razer Naga to see if I can use it, not going to help with having to type
(Jul 24, 2012)
The Docs are not sure, may have been a pinpoint stroke
(Jul 24, 2012)
Symmetric, I was playing on Yak's Bend for most of it, saw Zeph on at Anvil Rock. How many others were there?
(Jul 24, 2012)
Armed, stroked out or just some carple acting up? I've gotten some numbness from marathon sessions, get out there and throw some ball with the son!
(Jul 24, 2012)
(hence my absence from Tera) so I have not been able to play any games that require actual typing, never really sure I am hitting the keys, it does seem to be getting better though so I hope to be playing again soon.
(Jul 24, 2012)
Unfortunately I lost all sensation in my left hand/arm about a month ago
(Jul 23, 2012)
Rather low turn out in PB land for a GW2 Beta. Where's the basket krew at?
(Jul 21, 2012)
CYT guys are playing on Yaks Bend